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Category Archives: Exploitation of the Elderly

New Trust Code Adds Protectors, Directors and Advisors

By Law Offices of James W. Mallonee, P.A. |

Florida’s Trust Code has added new provisions by adding new statutory sections in an effort to prevent many trusts from moving out of state. It is called the Florida Uniform Directed Trust Act. The Act is found in Chapter 736, Part XIV of the Florida’s statutes. Some of the major changes are Definitions, Defaults,… Read More »

Nursing Home Contracts – Arbitration

By Law Offices of James W. Mallonee, P.A. |

Placing a loved one into a Nursing or Assisted Living Facility is never an easy task. Its emotional and the person being placed into the home may feel as if you have abandoned them. Because of this, while signing the admission contracts there is a moment where you may feel as if you just… Read More »

Basic Medicaid Planning

By Law Offices of James W. Mallonee, P.A. |

The costs to go into a nursing facility can easily wipe out a person’s savings. Should you be in a situation where institutional care is required (e.g. broken hip or dementia) and you want to divert as much of your savings to your children as is possible but not give up the medical care… Read More »

Exploitation of the Elderly

By Law Offices of James W. Mallonee, P.A. |

I am frequently asked what someone should do if they are fairly sure that their loved one is being taken advantage of at the hands of a neighbor, son, daughter, sibling or care giver. The simple answer is to call Florida’s Department of Children and Families (DCF) hotline and report your suspicion of elder… Read More »

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